Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Katie and I love writing, reading, learning, spending time with my wonderful family, cooking and being outdoors. I am also a Catholic-convert, catechist and devoted follower of the faith who is interested exploring what it means to be a faithful Catholic in today’s world.

I created Taking Back Sundays to explore the re-centering of life around the practices and mindsets of my faith. As a follower of the Catholic Church and as someone who is tasked with attending my marriage, raising a family, maintaining a home, earning an income, taking care of my health and wellbeing, and many other duties, I’ve often struggled with how to best honor the important role the Church and its teachings plays in my life.

My writing details my journey. It reflects my path and is not intended to be prescriptive. It is also not designed to be exclusionary.  If what I have said resonates, then I am grateful.

Thank you for visiting.

~ Katie